2/8/2018 9:44:25 AM

    The Government of Ontario are boosting opportunities for Students to Stay Active. The Provincial Government recently announced that it's investing in programs that keep children and youth physically active, to ensure that young people can reach their full potential and thrive inside and outside the classroom. Indira Naidoo-Harris, Minister of Education was joined by more than thirty five students, teachers and families at St. Cecilia Catholic School in Toronto to participate in a walking school bus, a walk-to-school initiative to get students moving ahead of Winter Walk Day. Research shows that physical activity is key to the healthy growth and development of children and youth. It has a positive impact on their physical and mental health, and helps lay the foundation for healthy, productive lives. Some of the initiatives include renewing grants to secondary schools to encourage more physical activity for students in grades nine through twelve during noninstructional time, investing in active transportation initiatives, such as walking school buses, which encourage walking, cycling or other forms of active travel to and from school. These programs are part of Ontario's commitment to providing access to sixty minutes of physical activity, connected to the school day, for all children and youth.

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